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WIDMER is not an overnight company or one night stand. Proving reliable for over 9 years along with our data center providing services to our clients. Below is a list of some of the services that we offer. WIDMER is multi talented in a wide range of products and services, if there is something that you do not see below or that you are interested in please feel free to contact us today.

Our services:
  • Consulting
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Optimization
  • Flash Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration / Print Design
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Video Editing / Production
  • Graphic Optimization
  • Interface Design
  • Company Identity / Logo Banner Design
  • Photo Retouching
  • Programming (vb, c, cgi, perl and more)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Domain Registration
  • Marketing
  • Search Engine Submission

You will no doubt be able to find cheaper prices (a lot of developers will say yes to anything with just to get you in the door). But you usually get what you pay for. You've heard of horror stories of projects running half a year over schedule, not working, being full of bugs, etc. Web design, like most other services, comes in hugely varying degrees of quality both in terms of service and work product. And as such, prices vary just as much. We've got a lot of experience with a lot of aspects of development and marketing and just dealing with clients. We've been doing this since 2000, we have evolved to very refined processes and high quality standards.

Fly by night developers can't afford to spend an hour responding to a first contact sales lead. And they can't afford to invest the time and personal attention along the way. They often are too small to absorb multiple clients at once, so that's why delays are so common. They also commit to prices that aren't feasible, but they figure close the deal now, get in the deposit, and worry about the rest later. We don't work like that!

Our caliber of service can't be done for the rates you may find with some smaller or off-shore developers. We're not going to sacrifice quality or process just to get a deal. WIDMER operates with the same high-end integrity in complex web and database applications where what you can actually see is just the tip of the iceberg. It's critical that the underlying code be every bit as good as the parts you see. But there is no doubt it costs a bit more to give this kind of attention to detail. Not a lot more, but a bit more. WIDMER still tries to price our services about 20-30% under our true competition. We consider competition to be firms with a comparable track record, customer management process, quality assurance process, and a true commitment to service (not just some kid in a bedroom with a new computer). There are certainly some great web design firms out there, and WIDMER does try to be more affordable than they are. WIDMER does run a tight ship and is able to minimize overhead to keep our pricing lower than most without making sacrifices in quality.

       Basic Site: $1000+ (1-5 basic pages)
      Intermediate Site: $1600+ (1-8 basic pages + shopping cart hookup)
      Advanced Site: $3000+ (1-15+ pages with scripting and shopping cart)
      *Full site design negotiable.

      Existing Site Update: $450-$1000 (Site optimization and minor update tweaking)

            Flash: $45hr
            ASP: $45hr
            PHP: $45hr
            CGI: $45hr
            Director: Depends on project.
            Custom Cart:
                  Basic: $800
                  Custom: $2500 - $50,000
            Image Protection: $50 setup
            Database Management: $120hr

      Domain Registration: $20year
      SSL Certificate: 50 per yr, 85 per 2 yrs

            Personal: $10mo
            Developer: $15mo
            Business: $25mo
            Media: $100mo
            Reseller Plan: $45mo
            Colocation: $75mo + $60setup
            Dedicated Server: $95mo + $100setup
            Virtual Private Server: $50mo + $25setup
            @Custom Built Plans available on request.

            1GB Space Unlimited Accounts: $20yr
            25GB Space Unlimited Accounts: $25mo
            25GB Space 1 Account Unlimited Aliases: $25yr
            *Email accounts are not to be used for spamming/mailing lists. Penalty of min $1000 and Termination of account.
      Alternative mail ports: $25yr

            SQL: Request

Other Data Services:
      DNS Services: $5mo
      DDNS: $10yr ea
      Port Forwarding/Redirection: $5mo

      Data Storage:
            FTP Per GB: $2mo
            WEBDav Per GB: $2.25mo
            Physical Media: $10mo Storage / $10 Connection

                  General Per GB: $2.50mo / $25yr
                  Encrypted Per GB: $5mo / $50yr

      SEO: Depends on Project
      Search Engine Submission: $125 submitted to 100+ search engines.

            Extraction: $25 per 10k Email recipients
            Verification: $25 per 10k Email recipients
            Bounce Removal: $10 per 500 Email recipients
            Extraction & Verification: $40 per 10k Email recipients

            Full Mail Blast: (Includes Verification & Bounce back check)
                  $15 - 500 Email recipients
                  $30 - 1,000 Email recipients
                  $60 - 2,000 Email recipients
                  $100 - 5,000 Email recipients
                  $150 - 7,500 Email recipients
                  $200 - 10,000 Email recipients
                  $250 - 25,000 Email recipients
                  $500 - 50,000 Email recipients
                  $750 - 75,000 Email recipients
                  $1,000 - 200,000 Email recipients
                  $1,875 - 375,000 Email recipients
                  $2,500 - 500,000 Email recipients

Graphic Design:
       General Layout: $45hr
      Web Banner: $45
      Brochure: $65 per page or dependent on project.
      Logo: Depends on project.
      Branding: Depends on Project.
      Company Identity: Depends on requirments.

      VB/Basic: $65hr
      Perl: $75hr
      Python: $75hr
      C/C++: $85hr
      Lingo: $75hr
      Applescript: $65hr
      @Project based pricing available on request.

Computer & Network Systems:
       Hardware Repair: $65hr + Hardware Costs
      Software Installations: $65hr + Software Costs
      New Custom System: $95 with parts provided. $199 + Parts/Shipping/Tax/Other if parts not provided.
      Network Setup: $95hr
      Network Security: $150 First hour, $100 every hour after.

Other Services:
      Research: $65hr
      Consulting: $120hr

Remember when it comes to pricing, you usually get what you pay for in development and design. At our price levels, a certain degree of common sense is built in. For instance, if the scope of work calls for a login module, we would just include a 'forgot password' function as well, whether it was specified or not. When you're buying low-end programming, the labor often doesn't apply logic or common sense to round out the functionality. Again, you get what you pay for.

A Note about Off Shore Freelance Programming:

We're not big fans of off shore freelance programming. Why? Despite the promises of super-cheap labor, there is a real lack of quality, accountability, timeliness, understanding, and many other problems. We have a fair number of clients who came to us for a proposal, got it, took it to be developed off shore for a fraction of the cost, and then came back to us later with horror stories and a plea to save them from their monster web site project (which we are of course happy to do. It seems that 'saves' are becoming an ever increasing part of our business!) Save yourself the time, money and aggravation of trying to get the cheapest website that money can buy. Please DO shop around, but make sure to ask for references and their portfolio. We offer unlimited design revisions, and guarantee your satisfaction. So do your homework.then call us when you are ready to start.

Our overall goal is to price ourselves about 30% lower than our comparable competition. Now, what you consider to be 'comparable' is never something that is going to be quantifiable. But for the caliber of work we're doing, we're about 30% cheaper than what you can expect to find elsewhere.

WIDMER is available to provide contract development, analysis, enhancement or consultation for your products or projects. If you have a project at hand and need to save time to market or are seeking to add a services revenue stream to your product offering please contact us with your requirements for a rapid response.

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