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Our Work

Note: Like alot of sites online some of the sites below get changed by our clients since we set it up to allow our clients such changes as graphics etc.. Some of the artwork designs maybe have been updated and is not our work most of the back end programming however is.

Partial Client List

By Medium

Web Design + Development

  • OpenDeck Bed & Breakfast (WORDPRESS, SQL, PHP, PHOTOGRAPHY)

    – Bed & Breakfast Hotel Resort in the Caribbean.

  • Loopback Modules & Adapters (WORDPRESS, SQL, PHP, GFX)

    – E-Commerce site for fiber optic and other high-speed Loopback Modules & Adapters.

  • Safety and Security Net (WORDPRESS, SQL, PHP, COPY)

    – Collection and dissemination of accurate information relating to crimes against yachts in the Caribbean.


    – Hardware & software technology blog.

  • The Cruisers Website (WORDPRESS, SQL, PHP, ECOM)

    – E-Learning site for sailors and cruisers.

  • Milkman Grocery Home Delivery (ASP, SQL)

    – It products range is over 12k on the site.

  • Cocoabella Chocolates (ASP, SQL, Photoshop)

    – Specialty chocolates

  • Forco – Natural Care Products (ASP, JS)

    – Animal nutrition consultants website. (Javascript shopping cart and backend)

  • Channel Photo Graphics (Flash, HTML, XML)

    – Book company

  • Pront Steel

    – A custom flash / html / asp site for a steel company in Russia. (Russian)

  • Corso Enterprises, Inc (HTML)

    – Natural Skin Care Company.

  • GlobalPSD (Flash, HTML, PHP, SQL)

    – Sourcing company (Flash & Backend)

  • Insight Editions (ASP, Access, Flash, Photoshop)

    – Book packaging firm.

  • France By Heart (ASP, Access)

    – Vacation rentals (Database & Backend)

  • Hanford Lemoore Apartments (ASP, Access, Photoshop)

    – Apartment rentals/housing.

  • DNSAnchor Servers (Photoshop)

    – LOGO & Graphics

  • Empire Snowboards (HTML)

    – Online SnowBoard & Skate Shop.

  • Utah Krishnas (ASP, CSS, MM, SQL, Photoshop)

    – Religious website

  • Von Dutch (Flash, HTML)

    – Original Web site work (Flash & Site)

  • Live Tech Info (HTML)

    – Customer Support site.

  • Krishna Media (ASP, CSS, SQL, Photoshop)

    – Indian Gift Shop.

  • Stan Blyth Law (CSS, HTML, XML, Photoshop)

    – Law Office Firm

  • Elpeus Technology (PHP, CSS, MySQL, Templete Integration)

    – Manufacturer of cable assemblies, adapters and transceiver modules

  • Optic Haven (PHP, CSS, MySQL, Templete Integration)

    – Reseller of transceivers, cables, networking hardware

Software Programming:

  • GEODist – Console based multi-platform(MP) haversine distance calculator. (PB, ASM)
  • MiddleMan – MITM or ARP poison detection application. (RB)
  • FlashFetch – .flv video file saver for OSX. (RB)
  • MacDaddyX – Network mac address changer for OSX. (RB)
  • Suze Orman Protection Portfolio – Software (Lingo)
  • Accounting software for firm in Russia. (C)
  • Hotel Management software India. (FoxPro)
  • Organization software for a Florida based Non-Profit World News Company. (RB)
  • Sail Tools – A sailing navigation calculator software. (VB)
  • VWCal – Events calendar program and cgi script. (VB/CGI/Perl)
  • DreamCart – Advanced Online Shopping Cart System. (Perl)

Marketing – Online + Offline

Multimedia / Video / Graphics:

Media / Print

Server Technologies:

Telephony / VoIP

  • MobileLINK Asia – VoIP Servers, GSM Network Integration, Traffic Routing