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About Us


WIDMER has repeatedly distinguished itself by producing and delivering market-leading products and services. We create innovative solutions for companies competing in a rapidly changing marketplace.


Our solutions are specifically tailored to the business needs of our clients. We understand the challenges businesses face, and our innovation process allows us to achieve unprecedented ROI and time-to-market. We create business impact through physical and digital innovation and bottom-line results.

WIDMER offers the most effective combination of services in the market. Working with hardware and software development on platforms including Microsoft Operating System, Linux, MacOS and mobile IOS and Android apps. This translates into a professional environment guaranteed to suit everyone’s needs.

Cost Effective:

WIDMER delivers the highest level of specialized services for an affordable price. Price is always a factor and services should be within reach. Reseller discounts are available for those who want to expand their business and offer support.

WIDMER solutions have greater relevance:

Better quality, better integration, more personalization and customization.

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